Squirreled® World

Squirreled® World is an arcade style action adventure game. Play Squirrel and take Bee's challenge against Bird! Get all the acorns if you can and go for the gold trophy! Leap in to Squirreled® World and have fun cracking and collecting acorns while outwitting gophers, cats, badgers, dodging cars and lawnmowers, and navigating hedge maze backyards. Explore the neighborhood day and night with exciting gameplay and strategy. Ambush cats with thrown acorns, watch out for acorn throwing kids, and use night vision goggles to avoid feisty badgers in the dark. Can you master the Squirreled® World?

Squirreled® World Characters

Here are just a few characters you will meet in Squirreled® World!

Squirreled® World "Powerups"

Powerups add strategy and fun to the challenge to outwitting the many adversaries as you collect acorns!

Explore 4 neighborhood blocks in 8 increasingly challenging levels with lots of fun adventure day and night around each corner in this hedge maze strategy game.

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