Review: A fun and challenging game to improve the math skills of kids of all ages

Another review!


Here’s an excerpt:

“There is plenty of evidence out there to suggest that the numerical concepts that kids acquire in early childhood lay the foundation for learning mathematical concepts later on in life. You will hear plenty of comments from baby boomer parents, for example, that learning their ‘times tables’ while at school has served them well to the point that they still remember them now – many years on. Personally speaking, one of the great math lessons in my life was playing the noble game of darts where players must keep track of their score as they count down from 301 or 501. The mistake that many make is to think of math as a chore – especially as we live in the calculator generation. The fact is, it can also be a lot of fun as well as an essential tool to keep in your mental pocket. If you need any more convincing just ask a Sudoku player.

It’s refreshing when a developer brings out a game that helps kids grasp the concept of math while also managing to make it enjoyable.”



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